4D/3N Backpacking Bromo & Ijen Without A Tour (Part 9) : Yoi Homestay & Dinner at Comoro Lawang

        Mt. Bromo is an active volcano situated inside Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, beside sacred Mount Semeru of East Java, Indonesia. Its breathtaking, ethereal and almost out of this world landscape captures the hearts of many travellers around the world.

        Our new found friend, Mr Erwin, my sister and I took the bison ride up to Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park @ Tengger Village in order to get to Mt. Bromo. We had a striking change of scenery from the view of the mundane concrete jungle to rustic villages, green paddy fields, misty alpine forests, vegetable farms, hanging cliffs, towering waterfalls, and more.

Going up Cemoro Lawang, Mt. Bromo - we had the entire bison/green van to ourselves!

Scenic bison ride up Cemoro Lawang @ Mt. Bromo

Bromo Homestay at Cemoro Lawang @ Mt. Bromo

        We arrived at Comoro Lawang village @ Mt. Bromo in the evening, approximately 1-hour drive from Bayuangga Bus Terminal, Probolinggo. We did not pre-book any accommodation at Mt. Bromo because there are plenty of guesthouses, hotels and homestays around.

        The average rent for a basic double room with hot shower at Comoro Lawang @ Mt. Bromo is Rp.280,000 per night. Our new found friend and angel in disguise, Mr. Erwin was kind enough to help my sister and I, including himself to secure a room with hot shower at Yoi Homestay for Rp.250,000 a night.

        There was nothing to shout about our basic room. It had a functional bathroom (hot shower and squat toilet), a cosy double bed with pillows and blanket, a dressing table, a chair, and poorly maintained power sockets on the wall. Good news is, there were no bedbugs in sight!

        After checking-in to our respective rooms, we went out to explore the surrounding area around Cemoro Lawang @ Mt. Bromo and walked right up to the edge of the caldera to catch a glimpse of the ash-spewing Mt. Bromo and Mt. Batok. From where we stood, we could see the Sea of Sands a.k.a Whispering Sands, the Savanah and Teletubbies Hill. It was a beautiful sight!

Yoi Homestay, Cemoro Lawang @ Mt. Bromo

Basic room with hot shower at Cemoro Lawang @ Mt. Bromo for Rp.250,000 a night

Comoro Lawang village @ Mt. Bromo

There are many small shops like these selling light food, drinks, snacks, and toiletries at Cemoro Lawang @ Mt. Bromo

The locals buy and throw this bouquet of Javanese Edelweiss flower a.k.a Bunga Senduro into the mouth of the ash-spewing volcano of Mt. Bromo as an offering

Mt. Bromo on the left and Mt. Batok on the right

Delightful Dinner by the Caldera

        Mr. Erwin, my sister and I decided to have our dinner at Cemara Indah Café. No reservation was made, we merely walked in and were shown to our table by a friendly waitress. We decided to eat indoors because it was freezing outside.

        The café served a handful of local and fusion food. We had a serving of club sandwich, spaghetti Bolognese with beef bacon and fried rice, with a cup of freshly brewed, locally grown tea. The food was average in comparison of the spectacular view we had of the caldera and Mt. Bromo.

        We spent the night laughing at jokes, talking and sharing stories of our travels experiences. We then bid good night and retired for the night in our respective rooms, in anticipation of our Mt. Bromo Sunrise Tour happening in a just few hours.

Delightful dinner at Cemara Indah Cafe, Mt. Bromo

Mr. Erwin, my sister and I

Up next: Spectacular Sunrise at Mt. Penanjakan, Bromo Horse Ride, the Savannah & Teletubbies Hill of Mt. Bromo

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