3D/2N Backpacking Santorini Without A Tour (Part 4) : Captain's Budget Studio For 2 At Maryloujohn Villas, Oia (Part 1)

        Prior to my arrival in Santorini, Greece, I searched online and booked a lovely place to stay on the island through Airbnb. In fact, I used Airbnb to book my accommodations throughout Europe for my European holiday. I heard about Airbnb somewhere last year and have since wanted to try it out, so when I had the chance, I went for it. Good news, my first experience with Airbnb was excellent.

Using Airbnb & The Importance Of Doing Your Research Before Making a Booking!

        Using Airbnb to book my accommodation is as easy as ABC! I did not encounter any problems when I use the website or the mobile app. Like all booking websites, one needs to register for an account before using Airbnb. Besides that, Airbnb requires its hosts and users to authenticate their identity by providing either, but not limited to:

Erika's profile on Airbnb <3

        Besides making booking easier, those measures are to prevent misconducts and frauds by fraudulent hosts and users. This safety feature gave me the confidence to try out Airbnb. Even so, I took the effort to go through and read all the reviews (not just only the ratings) left by the users or travellers on various booking websites, travel blogs, etc just to make sure that I got a good host and accommodation, or in other words made the right choice.

        I have read stories where people booked their accommodations based on the ratings featured on the booking websites without reading the reviews or doing further research about the place, had an awful experience and came back ranting that they were cheated!

        Although I felt sorry for them, I do think it is irresponsible and rather foolish for one to rely solely on the ratings or reviews featured on a website without doing further research on the internet; gathering information from various sources like Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet, travel blogs, etc and compare their findings before making a decision – to book the accommodation or anything for that matter.

        Remember, you have to do your part to be a smart traveller to ensure that you will have a good experience! I cannot stress that more! Heck, I can write a very lengthy blog post dedicated to the topic, but I shall keep it for another day. Now, let us get back to the story. Like using any accommodation booking websites, I searched for a nice place to stay in Santorini via Airbnb by:

        From there, a list of available accommodations was provided. I filtered those accommodations and picked the one I like or preferred. After the payment was complete, a booking receipt and confirmation email was sent to my email, along with helpful information on how to get to the place, etc (provided by the host). From there, I excitedly counted down the days to my departure.

Maryloujohn Villas in Oia, Santorini

        From the list of the available accommodations in Santorini provided by Airbnb, I decided to go for the Captain’s budget studio for 2 at Maryloujohn Villas in Oia. The first reason why I chose it is for its strategic location. The villa is conveniently located in Oia's main pedestrian street. This feature is especially good for those who do not wish to lug and carry their heavy luggage up and down the physically challenging, steep steeps to get to their hotels or guesthouses which are mostly located on the steep cliffs in Oia.

        Besides that, the property is only 10 meters away from the local bus stop (Saint George stop) and a mini market nearby, 5 meters away from the only hairdresser + nail parlour and ticket office in Oia and a 5-minute walk to the town centre, close to the beautiful church of Saint Giorgios.

        The other reason is for its soothing Cycladic white-blue décor of the room besides the building’s rich history. It is a 200-year old traditional captain's house belonging to the Karras family that was restored by Dimitrios Rodakis in the early 1990’s. The property offers a breathtaking view of the caldera with the morning fog rolling in from the Aegean Sea during sunrise and a spectacular sunset.

        All that convenience and remarkable view for only €49 (RM229) per night (the price I got for visiting during the low season)! Do note that the price is subjected to change according to the travel seasons and based on the owner’s discretion. Breakfast is not included, but can be requested for €6 per person, per day. Laundry costs €10 per person (less than 10kg load).

Saint George local bus stop in Oia, Santorini  – alight here to get to Maryloujohn Villas and the main pedestrian street in Oia

A mini market by the road, nearby Maryloujohn Villas and Saint George bus stop in Oia, Santorini

Maryloujohn Villas in Oia, Santorini

Maryloujohn Villas is located on the main pedestrian street in Oia, Santorini

The entrance to Maryloujohn Villas on the main pedestrian street in Oia, Santorini

A Comfortable & Good Night’s Sleep At The Captain’s Budget Studio For 2

        My inquiry for the room was attended by John, the owner of Maryloujohn Villas in Oia, Santorini. He provided the directions on how to get to the property by local bus or taxi, along with the expected fares. Using the directions given, my sister and I were able to get to the property with ease.

        Upon our arrival, John and his adorable dog named Bella welcomed us to the villa with a warm smile and friendly gesture. The check-in process was fast and easy. I provided my passport and a copy of the booking receipt for verification purposes. After that, John personally showed us to our room and gave us a short tour around his villa.

        The Captain’s budget studio for 2 did not disappoint my sister and I. The room looked exactly as pictured in the photos on Airbnb – clean and neat. The room was not too big or too small – it was just nice for two people. There is a television, air-conditioning, a dressing table, a built-in cupboard, a small refrigerator as well as a small induction stove at the corner for light cooking. Above the stove is a rack of several kitchen utensils.

        The room has a small window overlooking a courtyard and the paved road where a herd of donkeys usually pass by during the morning or evening. The bathroom was kind of small but adequate. We stayed in the room for 2 nights and loved it to the max! We do not have any problems with the room or the property at all.

Room No.4 is the Captain's budget studio for 2 at Maryloujohn Villas, Oia

The clean and spacious bed in the Captain's budget studio for 2 at Maryloujohn Villas, Oia

The amenities in the Captain's budget studio for 2 at Maryloujohn Villas, Oia

The amenities in the Captain's budget studio for 2 at Maryloujohn Villas, Oia

The comfortable Captain's budget studio for 2 at Maryloujohn Villas, Oia

A spacious built-in cupboard in the Captain's budget studio for 2 at Maryloujohn Villas, Oia

The bathroom in the Captain's budget studio for 2 at Maryloujohn Villas, Oia

A small refrigerator, an induction cooker and kitchen utensils for light cooking in the room (on the left) and the room window overlooking a courtyard and the paved road in Oia

Unique décor in the room

One of the courtyards in Maryloujohn Villas, Oia

Maryloujohn Villas
Email : maryloujohnvillas@gmail.com
Telephone : +30 22860 71459
Address : Maryloujohn Villas, Oia - Santorini

Up next: A tour around Maryloujohn Villas in Oia, Santorini and more details of our stay at the property with its amazing caldera and Aegean sea views

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